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document Workflow - Creating a record form another application, then redirecting a user to the newly created record
Creating a record in Workflow form another application, then redirecting a user to the newly created record. If you have created a record from your...
rating 12 Jan, 2009 Views: 107212 Comments: 7
document Workflow - Show / Hide workflow options to user based on criteria
In a workflow, you may want to hide certain paths / option from a user until certain criteria have been met.   Say for example, you have a...
rating 20 Jan, 2009 Views: 82665 Comments: 4
document Adding Attach Document Functionality on the BulletinBoard Portlet
The Bulletin Board application is an app that will allow the super users to publish news,events and specific instructions to the Maximo users. It's...
rating 13 Jan, 2012 Views: 78142 Comments: 1
document Add a new dialog Action
When implementing specialized features in Maximo, the need to call out custom dialogs with custom actions arise pretty early. Adding...
rating 22 Jan, 2009 Views: 52033 Comments: 2
document Replacement Variables in Maximo 7
Maximo 7.1 has introduced some new replacement variables from version 6.  Some of these can be used to set default values while others have...
rating 29 Jul, 2009 Views: 46291 Comments: 0
Recent articles
document Maximo Management Interface(MMI) API overview and how to use it
 Do you want to get information about the current state of a Maximo deployment through simple URL? If so,  use Maximo Management...
rating 30 Oct, 2015 Views: 1406 Comments: 0
document Anatomy of an ActionCustomClass in Maximo
 Introduction   0; Sometimes during the execution of Escalations and Workflow processes in Maximo it is necessary for customers to...
rating 19 Oct, 2015 Views: 1047 Comments: 0
document How to configure SSO( Single Sign On) with Maximo 7.6
 For testing purpose, you can setup Maximo 7.6 with SSO configuration. There are 3 parts to configure SSO. -  Part 1 : Install DNS...
rating 15 Oct, 2015 Views: 1543 Comments: 0
document Maximo/ioT/REST : Automatically detect a Tank water level and enter it in Maximo
 A few weeks ago I entered a blog about getting data from Maximo using the REST API, Maximo, IoT 0;and REST. This blog will...
rating 13 Oct, 2015 Views: 1582 Comments: 0
document Understanding Maximo Inventory Related Terminology
 Are there any terms that would help in the understanding of Maximo inventory functionality? Answer Yes, understanding inventory...
rating 07 Oct, 2015 Views: 1348 Comments: 0

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