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document MEA User
MEA User Setting the Maximo MEA User The Maximio MEA engine is using a specific user to complete its operations on a Maximo system. This user is configured using the configuration screen available only from the details of an Integration System. So, using the GoTo menu, choose: Integration...
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document MEA XSLT - Date Format transfer
The MEA introduced in MXES version 6x provides a method to transform the IR and ER representations of the integration object using an XSLT (XML transformation stylesheet). The description in the documentation is quite brief, however stylesheets offer a simple alternative to java programming in...
rating 05 Jan, 2009 Views: 6392 Comments: 0
document Just change status of the Mbo without explicitly requesting the modification of any other attribute or related Mbos :
This process involves requesting a change of status only for the target Mbo. An example document is shown below. <SyncMXPO ...>     60; <MXPOSet>   & #160;    & #160; <PO>          ...
rating 21 Sep, 2012 Views: 2639 Comments: 0
document Using AddUser.bat to add users
Question Can I add users using the AddUser.bat ? Answer Users can be added through the AddUser.bat functionality which is a XML and batch file. Below are the steps to use this functionality. 1) Navigate to <MAXIMO_ROOT>\tools\maxi mo – create a backup of the AddUser.xml. Open the...
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document Throw custom error msg on saving record without java customization
There could be scenarios when you want to custom error message based on some condition only while saving record but not while giving values to field. If it is needed to while entering the values to some fields then this can be achieved using Tabledomain with proper condition and giving...
Not rated 10 Oct, 2012 Views: 4244 Comments: 1
document Import/Upload Meter Readings through MIF (From an Excel Sheet)
 Written By : Cameron Simpson Hi, First you need to configure the integration objects in Maximo. Either use the out of the box meter reading object structure, or duplicate to use a copy of it. You need to tick the Support Flat Structure. Then you set up the Enterprise Service. Again you...
rating 15 Oct, 2012 Views: 7014 Comments: 0
document Maximo Integration Framework (MIF) Export-Import example
1. Open Go To > Integration > End Points and bring up the MXFLATFILE End Point record.   2. Set C:\ to the FILEDIR Property value and save.   3. Open Go To > Integration > Object Structures and bring up...
rating 04 Jan, 2015 Views: 1961 Comments: 0
document Maximo Management Interface(MMI) API overview and how to use it
 Do you want to get information about the current state of a Maximo deployment through simple URL? If so,  use Maximo Management Interface( = MMI ) introduced in Maximo 7.6.   Let me introduce new feature MMI. 1.  What is the MMI (Maximo Management Interface) and what kind...
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