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Creating Maximo Sub domains (Sub Value Lists) with just few config steps (Values displayed based on a value in a different field)

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Last updated: 14 Nov, 2008
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Posted: 24 Sep, 2008
by: MaximoKB A.
Updated: 14 Nov, 2008
by: MaximoKB A.

Our example here is to display 2 values CHK and MOD in WO Activity field (WOL1) if the work type = 'PM' , and other 2 values INSP , REPR if the work type= 'EM'. This can be done using one Domain (DVL).


To do such requirement:

1. For the work activity control, set Menu Type to NORMAL, lookup to VALUELIST.


2. Create 2 ALN domains (using the Domain application) EM and PM:

3. Create one dynamic value list (WOACTIVITY domain) of type table:
The new domain will select from the ALNDOMAIN values where domainid = workorder.worktype.

4. Attach the new domain to the workactivity column (workorder.wol1) using the database configuration app.

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fathi | 21 Feb, 2009 11:36 AM
i follow the folloing steps it done good but when i select for the seconed lookup get the following error
'You have encountered an implementation or customization problem. Please contact your system administrator to report this error. The system does not know which attribute(s) of the current object are the foreign key(s) to object ALNDOMAIN. This information should be provided in MAXLOOKUPMAP table or in the field validation class of WOL1.
so what why these
abhishek | 18 Jun, 2009 01:13 PM
I am also facing same issue can u provide the solution?
JP | 23 Mar, 2010 06:39 AM
This has to do with the fact that Maximo does not know which value to put into the WOL1 field, you have to create a record in the maxlookuptable to correct this. You can use the following sql stqtement for Oracle:
Insert into maxlookupmap values('WORKORDER','WOL1','WOL1','VALUE',1,1,maxlookupmapseq.nextval,'ALNDOMAIN',1);
After a restart of Maximo this should work
Antonino | 27 Apr, 2010 08:59 AM
Probably is too late for this comment (one year and plus) ...but i read this article now, as probably other people.

@fathi you need to do:
Go to "Database Configuration"
Search and select the WOACTIVITY object
Go to "Attributes"
Search and select the WORKTYPE attribute
Click on the right icon "Edit Lookup Map"
Compile the fields such as:
Target attribute: WORKTYPE
Source object: ALNDOMAIN
Source key: DOMAINID
Sequence: 1

I hope is usefull
Susan | 24 May, 2010 04:40 PM
I have also created a table domain to function as a dynamic value list, and too am getting the same error.
Has any one run in to this error and determine dhte resolution?
manisha | 06 Jul, 2011 01:38 AM
values are displayed, but when trying to select 1 value, it is not coming in the field.

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